The rubidium lattice lab at MIT

Welcome to our lab!

Welcome to the website of BEC4! Our research focuses on exploring the world of spinful ultracold atoms, where many new and interesting phenomena occur.

A toy model for our work on the spin-1 model out of equilibrium. Click on it to learn more.

One direction of our research is to create systems analogous to solids in condensed matter systems by using ultracold atoms in optical lattices. Major challenges we addressed with our research is cooling these gases to lower temperatures and probing the new states of matter we expect to find as new energy scales become accessible. To this end, we have pioneered the methods of demagnetization cooling and Bragg scattering for ultracold atoms in optical lattices.

Another direction for our research is the possibility of creating states of matter that do not exist in the traditional condensed matter context. To this end, we are exploring the control offered via state-dependent lattices to manipulate and cool different spin states in the lattice.

A two-component BEC that has phase separarted and is spinning in the trap.